How to use ?

1. Install

Download the app from Google Play Store

2. Run

Run the program on your phone. The username and password of your Android phone will be displayed.

3. Connect

Enter login/password shown on the mobile device here

What can you do with this program

It is all about connecting to your android device from anywhere in the world. Did you ever had a problem in your app where you wish could just connect the android device and see what is going on inside ? With this app you can execute commands on the device over the air, no cable and does not require developer tools.


Currently you can use all the same Android shell commands that you may be currently familiar with. Further commands have been added which are below – more will be added later and if you wish for specific commands simply let me know by sending me a message.

Command Status Description
download <filename> in-production To download a file directly from your device. Eg: download filename.jpeg
logcat in-production To view the logcat for a specific tag try logcat -d *:s 'BatteryExtension'
dumpsys in-production Dumps information about the status of system services. Eg: dumpsys iphonesubinfo
snapshot in-development Takes a snapshot of the device

If you are using this program on your unrooted Android phone then certain areas of the phone will not be accessible to you such as the /data/data folder but even on your unrooted Android device commands can still be executed such as logcat or ps.

How do I report a problem ?

If you encounter an issue with the app, you are welcome to submit a bug report. Before you do so for the first time though please take a moment to read the following page completely.